Red Clover Tea

Red clover tea is derived from a very wild herb that is common to both Europe and Asia. The red clover herb has to undergo proper drying before it can be used as tea. Some people may prefer using the red clover topically, rather than taking it as tea. Red clover has a rich amount of nutrients. It contains potassium, calcium, niacin, magnesium, vitamin C, thiamine and chromium. Wile the red clover tea has numerous health benefits, it is important to seek the physician’s approval before drinking it. This is especially true of people who are under certain types of medication, which might react negatively wit the drugs.

Red Clover Tea benefits

Benefits of Red Clover Tea

  • Cancer: In the regions where red clover tea is commonly drunk, it has often been used in the treatment of certain types of cancer. The fact that red clover tea has expectorant, antitumor, and antispasmodic qualities makes it ideal for the treatment of certain kinds of cancer. When drank in combination with other types of herbs, red clover tea can be very effective in the treatment of certain tumors. In China, and as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), red clover tea has been very popular in the treatment of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.
  • Menopause: Red clover tea has a rich content of isoflavones. The isoflavones act in much the same way as estrogens. Many herbalists in the communities that advocate for the regular drinking of red clover tea have always recommended this herbal tea for easing menopausal symptoms. Menopause is very notorious with regard to certain hot flash symptoms. Women in menopause complain of increased cases of bone loss. Women who are in menopause but drink enough cups of red clover tea often experience less bone loss. Red clover tea also helps menopausal women to see a huge increase in the mineral density of their bones.
  • Anxiety and depression: Any person who feels a higher level of anxiety and depression should consider drinking red clover tea. When unhappy or anxious, consider drinking red clover tea. Do not be in a hurry to buy and use medication, which could be too costly. Spend a few dollars and buy red clover tea. Brew and take it every day to find relief from anxiety and depression. Moreover, research has shown that drinking a few cups of red clover tea every day improves emotional wellness and mental moods. The simplicity, effectiveness and incredible taste of the tea make it very attractive in improving moods.

Finally, although red clover tea is herbal, hence, a natural product, it has little to no side effects when taken properly. However, it is advisable to consult a local doctor or physician before embarking on drinking red clover tea every day. Some of the herbs in certain types of herbal tea can react aggressively with some medicines. Always ascertain that the medical doctor is aware of any existing medical condition or medication while seeking his input regarding drinking red clover oil.

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