Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is derived from several plants. It is derived not only from leaves, but also barks, roots, flowers, and from seeds of various types of plants. Any edible but non-tea plant would be good for making herbal tea. Herbal tea might not be proper teas in the purest meaning, but this has no bearing on the fact that it has tremendous health benefits. Naturally, herbal tea would be caffeine free. However, quite a number of these types of teas are not caffeine free. In many parts of the world, especially within Europe, the herbal types of tea are called tisanes. It is common to serve herbal tea either cold or hot.

herbal tea benefits

Some of the most common types of herbal tea include:

Benefits of Herbal Tea

Since there are many types of herbal tea in the market today, as listed above, it follows that each type has different benefits. However, some benefits transcend all the different herbal teas mentioned above.

  • Improved hydration: Herbal tea is very good for people who feel dehydrated. It enhances hydration within the body, which has numerous benefits to the health.
  • Caffeine/drug-free: Any person who takes herbal tea has the chance of enjoying the wonderful taste of different types of spices and herbs without having to put up with too much caffeine and drugs.
  • Stimulation: The senses benefit from the much-needed stimulation, thus causing people to stay awake and alert. This is why many people prefer taking herbal tea early in the morning to jolt the mind and the rest of the body into waking up.
  • Topical benefits: Any person who drinks herbal tea shall enjoy its topical benefits. The herbal tea also has several cosmetic benefits.
  • Weight loss: Herbal tea is good for weight loss due to the presence of antioxidants and the fact that it increases metabolism.
  • Improves the general health: This is because herbal tea is able to ease constipation, while cleansing the liver. The fact that herbal tea is good at stimulating digestion, while reducing the retention of fluids, makes it highly beneficial.
  • Pain reliever: People diagnosed with arthritis or other extremely painful physical conditions can enjoy relief from pain by drinking herbal tea. The tea has the capacity to ensure that nausea disappears completely. The pain that rheumatism causes also disappears by drinking herbal tea.
  • Lowering blood pressure: High blood pressure can kill. To avoid this possibility, take some herbal tea as a way of lowering the blood pressure.

Herbal tea also has a calming effect on nerves. Therefore, it is ideal for people encountering too much stress. People who struggle with sleep can also take some herbal tea. Moreover, herbal tea helps in fighting free radicals so that they grow in a controllable fashion within the body. Herbal tea is good for clearing stuffy nose, soothing sore throats, easing stomach cramps, and keeping cold and influenza away.

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