Black Tea

Fewer tea types are as highly oxidized as black tea. This type of tea is derived from Camellia sinesis. When its leaves and stems age, they are used in the making of medicine. Black tea is very effective in boosting mental alertness. It is also very effective in boosting memory and learning. Furthermore, without black tea, processing information would be a tad difficult. Over the years, many people have used this type of tea in the treatment of headaches. The treatment of low blood pressure is also very effective with black tea. The prevention of heart diseases is also much easier with the consumption of black tea.


Black tea is the most common type of tea in the world. It undergoes proper fermentation prior to drying. Often, it is served without cream or milk. Any person who desires to take hot or cold black tea has every right to do just that. Black tea has such a bold flavor. More importantly, it also has a very long shelf life. In many markets, it is common to find the black tea blended with spices, flowers and fruits. Currently, many manufacturers are producing non-traditional and exotic types of black tea. A few examples of such blends include those flavored with vanilla and chocolate. Other flavors include dried herbs, warming spices, tropical fruits, smoke and wood.

Benefits of Black Tea

The benefits derived from consuming black tea include:

  • Oral Health: The consumption of black tea is very beneficial in reducing formation of plaques. It also reduces the growth of harmful bacteria, thus ensuring that tooth decays and formation of cavities are eliminated.
  • Healthy Heart: Studies have proven that the consumption of three or more cups of black tea reduces the risk of stroke by as much as 21%.
  • Antioxidants: The polyphenols contained in black tea ensure the blockage of any damage to the DNA caused by tobacco and toxic substances. This is because the polyphenols are antioxidants.
  • Prevention of Cancer: The presence of polyphenols and catechins within black tea has been proven very effective in prevention of certain types of cancer. Women who take black tea on a regular basis stand a much lower risk of ovarian cancer than their colleagues who do not.
  • Healthy Bones: People who take black tea regularly have much stronger bones. Such people stand a much lower risk of developing arthritis.
  • Reduces Risk of Diabetes: The consumption of black tea over a longer period reduces the risk of developing Type II diabetes by as much as 70%.
  • Relief from Stress: Black tea has a calming and relaxing effect on every person who takes it. This is because of the presence of the L-Theanine acid in black tea. A moderate but regular consumption of black tea helps reduce the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.
  • Improves the Immune System: Alkylamine antigens, which are found in black tea, boost immune response. Black tea contains tannins, which help fight viruses, thus offering increased protection against stomach flu and influenza.
  • Healthy Digestive tract: The therapeutic effect that black tea has on the intestinal and gastric diseases makes it worth drinking every day.
  • Increases Energy Levels: Black tea has remarkably low amounts of caffeine. This makes black tea very effective in enhancing flow of blood to the brain. It does this without making the heart overly stimulated. The heart, kidneys, respiratory and metabolism systems experience increased stimulation due to consumption of black tea.
  • Increases Level of Happiness: The perfect cup of black tea has the capacity of making any person feel extremely happy.

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